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About the Photo Club
The Photo Club at Golfview was started to give the residents a way to express themselves through photography. Each month, from November to April, club members follow a given theme (i.e. boats, broken, circles, reflections etc.) and have their photographs displayed in the clubhouse.There are lessons using apps on your phones (iPhones), designed to help enhance your photos and to take great pictures without expensive digital cameras.  

To become a member, you don't need to be a professional, but only the desire to improve, learn and share what you have done in the field of creative photography. Come and join us on the second Monday of each month in the clubhouse at 1-2 pm from November thru April.  

PHOTO THEMES - 2023-2024
All meeting will be the second Monday of each month at 1 pm in the clubhouse main room

November 2023 -          Cemeteries
December 2023-           Vintage
January 2024 -              Reflections
February 2024 -            Who - What - Where                        
March 2024 -                Atmosphere                        
April 2024 -                   Night Time 

Summer Pictures. Mystery photos from April..  Come and check out the photos, look at the picture and see what you think the theme for the photo.  Turn the card over and see the actual theme from the photographer.  

Come to the clubhouse  and check out the photos displayed in the clubhouse. In addition to the monthly photos, there are now 4 larger photos display on the wall.  These photos were printed on metal.    If you are not a member contact Ed DeCrosta  at 239-437-5433 or to get more info....

* Summer Pictures - These are pictures that will be placed in the clubhouse for the summer.  Leave them Ed DeCrosta before you leave and he will
  place them up in the clubhouse.  

Below you will find some examples of photographs members have taken. There is no special  theme for the pictures below, but ones that they have been  submitted for the web page.

All the photos here have been taken by members of the photo club.  
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  • Dennis Cannizzaro
  • Donna Markusen
  • Ed DeCrosta
  • Ed DeCrosta2
  • Ed DeCrosta3
  • Faye Froehlich
  • Faye Froehlich2
  • Jack Lyons
  • Jack Lyons2
  • Jim Markusen
  • Louise Cannizzaro
  • Louise Cannizzaro2
  • Louise Cannizzaro3
  • Vince O'Connor