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Update on Covid 19 restrictions for Golfview amenities & common areas:

December 24, 2020

The clubhouse is open during business hours. Masks are required. Please limit your visits to the clubhouse by conducting business with the management by phone or email when possible..

The golf course is open to all players, including the paying public. Please observe social distancing on the course.

The Proshop is open daily. Please observe the mask requirement and the limit of two customers in the shop at a time.

The pool is open with guidelines in effect. Signs are posted at all pools describing the guidelines. The arrangement of the furniture is determined by the management. 

Bocce, shuffleboard and tennis are continuing with social distancing and mask wearing as necessary. Equipment is located in the storeroom next to the Proshop for sign-out. Please inquire in the Proshop if you have questions. You may also bring your own equipment.

Parking lot parties are continuing with social distancing and mask wearing as necessary.

Meetings of boards are conducted on Zoom and there will be agendas posted on the bulletin boards as usual. We will send the agenda as an attachment to any Zoom meeting invitation. Minutes are posted on the website in the documents section as well as in the clubhouse. 

The avenues of communication that we have available are the bulletin boards, the website, emails, Golfview TV community channel, and residents can contact board members or the management with questions when needed.

The management and the boards want to provide the necessary information in the most easily accessed ways that we have available. We urge to enjoy the community as much as you can under current conditions, and continue to be involved and be safe.

Deb Johnson
President, Golfview Board of Governors

Ongoing Covid-19 Restrictions:
All social activities inside the clubhouse are canceled until further notice.

The golf course is currently open to all including paying guests.

The pools are restricted to a bathing load of 15 persons. Overnight guests are permitted. Please do not move the pool furniture.

Please observe the elevator rules posted in each elevator. Masks are required in the elevators.