People looking to Rent at Golfview

 My husband & I are interested in renting  a condo for Feb and/or March 2023. 
We are flexible with times. 
We are non-smokers & no pets.
Please contact Bill/Diane Berger at 
phone 810-304-2266
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted August 6, 2023
Looking to rent January-March 2024
We have rented for the past 4 years at Golfview in St Andrews building.
Unfortunately, the unit is being sold so we are looking for another rental. 
Love the golf and people here!! 
References are available if required.
Mark and Lynda
   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted July 31, 2023
 Looking for seasonal rental Jan to March or April 2024. I have family in area looking for rental.
1 single retired female.  Please call 267-806-1071 
  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted July 20, 2023

I am looking for a rental for January thru March of 2024.
I will consider 1 or 2 months if a property becomes available.
2 bedrooms preferred  
Thank you.
Mickey Fair. 330-351-1198


 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted April 21, 2023
 Looking for unit to rent 1 or 2 bedrooms. Last week of November 2023 to end of March 2024.

Single senior, non-smoker, no pets.

Contact: Tim Whalen

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted April 21, 2023

Looking for rental January through March 2024, 2 adults, no pets
We would like to rent from January through March; BUT ANY TIME during that timeframe would be appreciated.  We were in Indian Creek for 8 years until Hurricane Ian decided to enter our home without our permission.  Please contact RICK and LEANN INGRAHAM (414-801-5071).  We have friends in Golfview and love the community!

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 24, 2023
Hi there, we are looking for a rental unit for March of 2024, 2 adults no pets.
   Lori Shepley
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 23, 2023
Good morning!
My husband and I are permanent residents of Ft. Myers Beach and currently displaced from our home while restoration is in progress. Our current home is with my sister in RI and we would like to return to the Ft. Myers Beach area starting Saturday, July 1, 2023--Saturday, September 2, 2023. 
We are both non-smokers and have no pets. I am a retired MA teacher and my husband is a retired MA licensed general contractor.
We are looking for a reasonably priced summer rental for that time frame.
We would care for someone 's property as we would care for our own.
We would look forward to hearing if anything is available with the rate as we are quite familiar with your area and know we would be comfortable there. 
Safety and convenience are top priority. We would need internet service, TV, and laundry facilities.
Thank you for your time.
Karin and Marcel LaBonte
tel. 508 863 2513
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 23, 2023

Please email me any units for rent late 2023 – early 2024 – late 2024 early 2025.

Looking for 3 months or more at one time.


Graybar® works to your advantage


Richard D Donley|District Inventory Manager II
Brooklyn Park, MN|Office (763) 898-5707


 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 23, 2023

Michele and Steve Conroy 
20 Thomas St
Wasaga Beach Ontario 
Canada L9Z 2Y5 

Hello, we have been renting in the area for the past 2 years but now interested in a rental at this property for February thru March 2024

Thanks in advance
Steve and Michele Conroy
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 23, 2023

My wife and I are wanting to rent a one bedroom or two bedroom condo for Jan, Feb, March 2024.  We were there in Feb and loved the location, the people we met and golfing.

We can give you references.  We are 65 years old, non-smoking, with no pets. My wife is a clean freak so we would leave it in perfect condition.


Rick Michalkiewicz


 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 23, 2023
  We Would really like to rent from January thru March but if not ,ANYTHING available in those months would be appreciated. We were in Indian Creek for 8 years until Hurricane Ian decided to enter our home without our permission.  So if you know of an availability please keep us in mind.   

RICK and LEANN INGRAHAM 414-801-5071 we have friends in Golf view resort.
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 23, 2023
We are interested in renting for the 2024 season, January 1st to March 31st, but are somewhat flexible with the dates.
Thank you
Wendy & Dave Firkins
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted February 23, 2023
Looking for a rental unit for 2024.

Dates preferred are:
January 1st, 2024 - March 1, 2024
Garry Speer
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted:  February 6, 2023
We are interested in renting for the 2024 season, January 1st through mid April.  We have friends who own a condo there and have offered to provide us with a referral if requested.  Please contact through email.  We are an over 70 couple, non-smoking, and love to golf.
Thank you,
Pat & Dave Myers
We are looking to rent a unit from Jan through Mar 2024.
Mark Schwieder
Phone 314-346-2093
W e   w o u l d   l i k e   t o   r e n t   a   G o l f v i e w   c on d o   f r o m   
D e c e m b e r   2 0 ,   2 0 2 3   t h r o u g h 
M a r c h   2 5 ,   2 0 2 4 .
N o n - s m o k e r s ,   n o   p e t s .

S t e v e   a n d   J a n i c e   W o r r e l l
E m a i l :   s t e v e j a n w 2 3 @ g m a i l . c o m        
 t e le :     8 5 9 - 3 5 3 - 1 3 9 9   
( p l e a s e   u s e   e m a i l f o r   i n i t i a l   c o n t a c t ,   s o   m y   S p a m   
c a ll   f e a t u r e   d o e s n   t   p r e v e n t   y o u r   c a l l
f r o m   c o m i n g   t h r o u g h . )
Looking for a 2B/2B - annual preferred
Larry & Stephanie Fishbach 
NO Pets

Lost our home on a Fort Myers Beach.  

My husband and I are looking to rent a one or two bedroom condo from April 15, 2023 to December 22, 2023.  
Would consider an annual rental.  
Please call me at 773-208-9317.

Pam Pohlman
I was displaced by the hurricane.
I'm looking to see if there's any available rental in your community.

You can reach me at 239-219-3111.

Thank you.

Kimberly Thombs.

My wife and I have been doing a 3 month rental in Fort Myers for several years. I play golf and she doesn’t…yet. We’d love to find a 2 to 3 bedroom rental in the Golfview community to rent from circa 12/3/23 to circa 3/2/24. 

Jeff Z

(443) 812-1526

On LinkedIn:  Jeff Zarin
On Twitter:  @JeffZarin!/JeffZarin
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------posted:  11/29/22
 please put  me on the list for a 3 month rental-1 or 2 bedroom

Richard Keenan
317 697 2193.
 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------posted:  11/3/22

So here a story sad but true, hehe.
We lost are home in Bayside Estates, we have wintered in The areas for 17 years.
Have references and friends who own in Golfview 
We look for rental for 3/4 mo starting in Jan 2023
Jerry and Marianne Schock.
Thxs so much. Be Well !!
 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------posted:  10/16/22
I have lost use of my condo  at Punta Rassa due to the hurricane.
I looking to rent 1-2 bedroom unit for 6 mo to year.
We lost power, water, elevators and generators. Repairs not expected to be completed for 3 - 9 months.
I am a single, older woman.  Don’t smoke or have pets.
Just need a place near so I can hopefully wait and take care of my condo.
  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------posted:  10/16/22