Closing Checklist

Closing Up for the Summer?

Here's a checklist that might be helpful to you, your renters, or your guests.

[] Be sure that dresser drawers are open at least an inch to allow for air circulation.
[] Leave closet doors open several inches as well.

[] Pour half-cup of bleach in toilet bowls.
[] Cover the toilet bowls and tanks with saran wrap to limit evaporation. (Leave seats up as a reminder.)
[] Plug drains to reduce evaporation of water in traps.

[] Lower shutters completely.
[] Bring patio furniture/cushions into condo.
Living Room/Dining Room:
[] Cover furniture with bedsheets.
[] Disconnect electronics (TV, Stereo, cable, phones, etc.) which might be damaged by surges.

 Utility Room:
[] Open washer lid/close dryer door.
[] Leave closet door open a bit.
[] Unplug washer and dryer.

[] Put vegetable oil in disposal and run it briefly.
[] Plug sinks.
[] Turn down refrigerator and remove food items.
[] Disconnect microwave, garbage disposal, etc.
[] Remove food items from cabinets.
[] Empty garbage, cans, and waste paper containers.
[] Put two tablespoons of cooking oil in bottom of dishwasher.
[] Leave diswasher door open slightly.

 Air Conditioning:
[] Set humidistat to 68%.
[] Set temperature to 70°.
[] Set functions to Cool and Auto.

[] Turn water supply off.